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Atalanı Ayvacık köyü paşa ini aşağı kardal yukarı karadal yangın gözetleme tepesi etkinliğinde 3.2.2013 de çekilmiştir


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  • Bernstott on 2019-May-25 05:15:54 Bernstott said

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  • DENwins on 2019-Jun-09 09:54:10 DENwins said

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  • Suttisic on 2019-Jun-12 22:18:42 Suttisic said

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  • WINNob on 2019-Jun-14 07:37:16 WINNob said

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  • Acuranup on 2019-Jun-22 22:05:06 Acuranup said

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  • Tennito on 2019-Jun-29 17:05:29 Tennito said

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  • CepWado on 2019-Jul-12 08:51:06 CepWado said

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